The easiest method to calculate Capacitor rating for Power Factor correction

While many capacitor charts are available for power factor calculation. We can achieve the same by a simple formula, which is useful in case you can't access table.

Let's consider your system draws Power 'P' at a power factor of θ1. Suppose you want to improve the power factor to θ2. Now use this formula to find the required capacitor rating:
Q = P (tan 𝜃1 - tan 𝜃2)
Let's do an example to learn this:

Statement: An electrical load draws 100 kW power at a power factor of 0.8. Determine the reactive power which should be supplied to the system for improving the power factor to 0.9.

Solution: Q = P (tan 𝜃1 - tan 𝜃2)

Q = 100 (tan (36.86) - tan(25.84)
   = 26.5 kvar

I hoped you'd loved this easiest and simple way to obtain the answer.

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