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What values of R1 & R2 will satsify the given conditions

Statement: Design a current divider which converts 1 A current to 20 mA output while developing a voltage of 2 V.

Solution: Let's start the solution by drawing a circuit with two parallel resistors.
(Since current divider is for parallel circuits).

Also, mention the given data in the diagram:
There are a few points in above image which you might observe. A current value of 20 mA is assigned to one resistor. The rest of value 980 mA will all move towards the other resistor.

A voltage drop of 2 V is assigned to both resistors, since, it is already given.

Now use the Ohm's law for finding the unknown resistor.
R_2 = V/I_2 = 2 V / 20 mA = 100 ohm

And for the first resistor:
R_1 = V/I_2 = 2V / 980 mA = 2.04 ohm

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