Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

Kirchhoff's Current Law Example # 1: H Shaped Network with 5 Resistors

Statement: An H shaped network with 5 resistors joins with a 10 A current source. Solve the circuit to find unknown currents.

Step 1: Labelling the nodes

Label all nodes with alphabets a,b and c

Step 2: Assigning currents

Indicate the flow of unknown currents with arrows and assign subscripts to the currents.

Step 3: Applying KCL at node a

Apply Kirchhoff's current law at node a
10 A = 5 A  I4
I=5 A

Step 4: Applying KCL at node b

5 A = 2 A  I3
I=3 A

Step 5: Apply KCL at node c

I4 + I3  I5
I=5 A + 3 A = 8 A

Learn the theory on Basics of Electrical Engineering.

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