Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

Theory for Basics of Electrical Engineering

This section presents basic topics of Electrical Engineering. Various examples are added for the reference.
  1. Basic properties of electrical engineering
  2. SI units and derived units for electrical engineers
  3. Electrical symbols
  4. Ohm's law
  5. Resistors in series
  6. Resistors in parallel
  7. Polarity of voltage and direction of current
  8. Voltage sources in series
  9. Point source
  10. Series-Parallel Circuits
  11. Kirchhoff's current law
  12. Kirchhoff's voltage law
  13. Voltage divider
  14. Current divider
  15. Branch current analysis
  16. Superposition principle
  17. Thevenin theorem
  18. Norton theorem
  19. Delta to Wye conversion with examples
  20. Wye to Delta conversion with examples
  21. Resistive bridge


Resistors in parallel

Series-Parallel network examples

Kirchhoff's Current Law Example

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