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A tip to solve the 2,3 4 or any number of Resistors with Same Values

Many times you come across the circuit where two or more similar resistors are connected in parallel.
As an example, the circuit below contains three resistors of each 666

All such cases are very easy to solve. We can simply use the formula R/n to solve them. Where R is the value of individual resistor and n is the total number of resistors. In the present case, R is 666 Ω and n is 3. Now the equivalent resistance is 666/3 = 222 Ω.

In general, we can say:


  • 2 Resistors of 10 Ω have equivalent value 10 / 2 = 10 Ω
  • 3 Resistors of 9 Ω have equivalent value 9 Ω / 3 = 3 Ω
  • 5 Resistors of 25 Ω have equivalent value 25 Ω / 5 = 5 Ω

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