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Basics of Cermaic Capacitor Codes in Electrical Engineering

You might have observed the capacitance of normal capacitors is directly marked like 1100 pF, 480 nF 2200 µF. However, the capacitance of ceramic capacitors is determined from codes, that is, 101, 102, 103, 104, 404 and sometimes 101A, 103B.
The first two numbers represent the first and second digits of capacitance. The third number is the pF multiplier which is in the power of ten.
For example, a capacitor having 104 will be decoded:
104 = 10 * 10^4pF = 1,00,000 pF

You might come across the capacitor with an alphabet following the numbers. It is actually tolerance marking. The screenshot from Robotoid explains this:
For example, you might expect the value a 1000 pF 102G capacitor between 980 pF and 1020 pF.

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