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Basics of Integrated Resistors

Integrated resistors combine multiple resistors in a single package.

In this post you'll learn:

  1. Design and configuration of IR
  2. Advantages of IR
  3. Disadvantages of IR
The term integrated resistors are used to represent the array of resistors which join inside an IC. The basic configuration of such components is:
Using such an IC is very simple you just have to connect the terminal 1 & 9 to achieve a single resistor.

The major advantage associated with IR is their space consumption. Obviously, an array of eight or ten resistors in IR is clean as compared to 8 individual resistors. You can use them with Arduino switches as well as in electronic projects.

While such resistors provide feasibility in accommodation the major disadvantage associated with them is their power dissipation. Integrated resistors have heat dissipation problem and are thus recommended for limited energy projects.

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