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A Simple Circuit with 1k Resistor and 12 V Battery | BOEE Tutorial 1

Starting Electronics and confused where to start with? This tutorial is for you. After going through this tutorial you'll be able to:
  1. Read the schematic
  2. Make a series circuit
  3. Read voltages with voltmeter
  4. Read current with ammeter
Things you need:
  1. 12 V battery
  2. 1 kΩ resistor
  3. 2 Multimeters
Let's start from the schematic. A schematic is the visual design of the circuit which represents electronic components in the pictorial form. You should know some basic symbols that are already uploaded here: Symbols Link
The red colored 12 V battery connects to the 1 KΩ resistor via two wires.

A 12 V battery with two wires (red being +ve and black being -ve) join with the resistor. The actual values of practical resistors are represented in the form of colored bands. You can read these values by using such charts. Let's see how a 12 V battery will be joined with a resistor on the breadboard.

Read voltages with the voltmeter

The multimeter is the basic electrical instrument which measures the voltage. Voltage always remains same in parallel configuration. Now to connect the voltmeter we need to make a parallel circuit. Two components are in parallel when the heads of both components share the same terminal and tails of both components share the other terminal.

A digital multimeter has two probes one is red (+ve) and another one is (-ve). For using the multimeter as voltmeter you first need to set its knob at V scale. Let's see how a voltmeter will connect in parallel with the resistor:
The voltmeter's LCD will display the actual values of the voltage supplied by the battery.

Read current with Ammeter

Set the multimeter knob to 'A' and connect the meter in series. To make a series circuit you need to take out the red wire and join it with red probe of the meter. After this join the black probe with the resistor, this way you'll be making an ammeter.
The red probe of dc battery now joins with the red probe of ammeter which then joins with the resistor via black probe this way making the circuit complete. Next, the resistor again joins to the dc battery thus making the path complete from the resistor to the battery. The voltmeter still retains the position in parallel.

After completing above circuit you'll be reading the value of the voltage at --V and value current in the circuit at --A.

So that was all about the basic circuit. After making your circuit, Let us know in comments. We'll love to hear from you.

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