Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

Basics of Electrical Engineering Challenge # 01: 15 seconds

A network with 7 resistors of 3, 6, 6, 2, 2, 3, and ohms respectively are joined in a series-parallel configuration. Find the equivalent resistance.
Answer: 5 ohms

Solution: R5 and R7 are solved in parallel to yield 1 ohm.

Now 1 ohm will come in series with R4 and R6 to given an equivalent of 6 ohms.

Now 6 ohms will be solved in parallel to yield an equivalent of 2 ohms.

Finally, 2 ohms will be in series to 3 ohms and Req = 5 ohms.

The following tip comes useful to help you solve the circuit in 15 seconds.

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