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LED Dimmer Using the potentiometer | BOEE Tutorial 2

This tutorial illustrates the working of LED dimmer using the potentiometer and LED.

Things you'll learn:
  1. How to use potentiometer
  2. Working of LED
  3. How to change the brightness of led
  4. Relationship between voltage and resistance
Components you need:
  1. LED
  2. Potentiometer (50 kΩ recommended)
  3. 12 V battery
  4. Jumper wire (Any connecting wire can do the work
  5. Breadboard
Supportive data:

Circuit schematic

LED Dimmer Using the potentiometer

Let's start up by making the circuit:
Originally the potentiometer is at the normal position, thus providing high resistance and a high voltage drop across it. A very small amount of voltage will be dropped across led and it will not lit.

Rotate the knob of the potentiometer in the clockwise direction. Doing will decrease the resistance across terminals a and b. In accordance with voltage divider rule, a decrease in resistance will decrease the voltage drop across the pot. Now more voltage will be dropped across the led, the more the voltage the more the led will glow.
So, that was all about this tutorial.

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