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AC or DC: Which is more Dangerous for the Human body

Alternating current (AC) is almost four to five times more dangerous than the direct current (DC).

AC causes grave muscular contraction

The nature of ac makes it more severe in terms of the muscular contractor. Excitatory actions of alternating current cause more ventricular fibrillation (a condition in which heart quivers instead of pumping).

It is current that kills, but it is resistance...

Previously we observed that it is actually the current which kills humans but as per Ohm's law this actual current flow depends on resistance. The frequency of AC stimulates the sweat and therefore ac lowers the resistance of the human body. Low resistance means current flow is higher.

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  1. moron writer for infusories. ac current with frequency over 500khz is not sensed by nerves,it does not contract muscles at all.