Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

What is rated voltage / frequency and What you should Know about it

The manufacturers of electronic components label the rated voltage and frequencies of products on their bodies. The term rated voltage indicates the optimal value for which the product will perform at maximum efficiency while ensuring the maximum efficiency.

The image below displays the clothes iron 
While operating such equipment you should ensure the voltages and frequency values of input are at 120 V and 60 Hz. (This can be problematic if you are a traveller visiting Europe or Asia (where voltages are at 220 V/ 50 Hz), in this case, you should get a voltage/frequency converter). 

Many product manufacturers also design apparatus which can operate at varying voltages. Moder LED TV displays and laptop chargers are an example.

Safe operating limits

Electrical power equipment at power stations is designed to operate safely at voltage ranges of ±5% or 6 percent and frequency values of ±2%.

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