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Basics of Current Measurement with Ammeter

The electrical current is a basic property of electrical circuits.

Very often we are interested to measure the electrical current flowing through our circuit. Today you'll learn the basics of current measurement.

Let's consider a series circuit containing a 10 V battery with a 20 ohms resistance. We are interested to find the current flowing through the circuit.

Sine current always remains same in series so we want the same current should through the ammeter. For this purpose, we need to connect the ammeter in series with the circuit.

Break the circuit and connect red probe to +ve terminal of the voltage and black probe on the other side.The ammeter screen will display the current.
ammeter connections

Summarizing the above discussions we have the following points:
  • Set the multimeter to ammeter setting
  • Break the circuit
  • Connect an ammeter in series
  • Output appears
The SI unit of current is ampere due to which the name ammeter is given.

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