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Examples of 5 Practical Reallife DC Sources Around you

Recently someone asked:
What are some practical/read life dc voltage sources around us?
So we compiled a list of 5 practical dc voltage sources that are commonly used by us.

AAA Battery in your wall clocks

The AA battery (cell) in the wall clock provides is a DC voltage source which provides 1.5 V to the clock.

The battery in your mobile phone/laptop

The battery in your mobile phone is a dc source which usually provides 5 volts to the mobile phone. The laptop battery is also a dc source which powers it.

AAA/AA Rechargeable battery cells in trimmers & Cameras

The AAA/AA cells in your digital cameras and trimmers are also rechargeable dc sources.

Variable DC Power supply in labs

The variable dc power supply in your physics and electrical labs is a variable dc source which provides the variable voltage. Usually, a variable dc power supply is designed to provide 0-24 volts.

12 V battery

12 V battery is probably one of the most commonly used dc sources in Electrical Engineering.

So that was the list of 5 practical real-life dc sources around us.

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