Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

Basics of Analog Watch

We live in the digital century in which many analog systems are replaced by digital systems. However analog watches are still popular and trendy. Today you'll learn basics of Electrical Engineering components that are used in analog watches.

List of contents:
  1. Construction
  2. Working
  3. Type of motor used in analog watches

Construction of analog watches

Let's simplify the diagram for understanding:
  1. The dark gray colored powers the green IC.
  2. The chip then causes the grayer colored crystal to oscillate 32768 times.
  3. The 32768 oscillations equal 1 second, which is detected by the microchip.
  4. These pulses then drive the stepping motor.
  5. Stepping motor is connected to the gears which drive the motor.

Lavet type stepping motor

Lavet type motor is a special type of stepper motor. Its rotor is a permanent magnet. The stator is similar in construction to a shaded pole motor in which grooves are in backward position.

The brief video guide dives in detail to the internals of Quartz clock:

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