Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

Basics of TV Remote Control

Today you'll learn the basics of TV and AC remote control. You'll learn
  • How it works
  • How Remote Control Apps Work
  • How to convert your Mobile phone to TV and AC Remote control
basics of tv remote control

How it works

The remote control contains an IR LED (on top) which generates an infrared beam of light.

The front side of the TV, AC, and other devices have an infrared beam detector (sensor) which detects this beam of light.

The transmitted beam has the binary code which transmits different signals. The generated signals depend on the button pressed. Each button has specific code which sends a specific code to LED.

How Remote control apps on your cell phone work

The remote control apps in your cell phone can also be used as a universal remote controller. Many mobile phones have an IR blaster which can be used to control the AC, TV, LCD and other devices.

How to convert your Mobile phone to Remote control

If it already has an IR blaster

Just install a remote control app on your phone and you are ready to go.

If your device doesn't contain IR blaster

You can use two IR LED's, and a 3.5 mm Jack to make your own IR blaster. The video below explains a fancy method of doing it:

You can also use scrap components for making it:


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    1. Mightbe you are not using the correct type of headphone. Use a standard stereo headphone with three stripes. Check this on XDA Developers forum: https://forum.xda-developers.com/note5/help/universal-3-5mm-ir-blaster-infrared-t3693787