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Branch Current Analysis: Application of Branch Current Method in a 3 Loop Circuit

In our previous tutorial, we learned the application of Branch current analysis in a 2 loop circuit with an example.

In this example, a network having three loops is solved using branch current analysis.
branch current analysis in 3 loop circuit
Step 1: Let's first label the circuit:

Step 2: Apply the Kirchhoff's voltage law in the loop between I2 and I3.
5 V = 2 I2 - 2 I...  (1)

Step 3: Apply KVL in the right loop.
1 V = 2 I3 + 2 I...  (2)

Step 4: Apply Kirchhoff's current law at node a.
1 A  + I+ I3 = I4... (3)

Solving the three equations we obtain our final answers:
I= 1.5 A
I= - 1 A
I= 1.5 A
Negative sign with current Iindicates that actual current flow is opposite to our assumed direction of the current.

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