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Branch Current Analysis Example Using Current Source

Branch current analysis enables us to determine the current flowing through any branch of a circuit. Today you'll learn the application of Branch current analysis to a circuit comprising voltage and the current source.

Statement and circuit diagram:

Step 1: Apply Kirchhoff's voltage law to the loop adc
10 V = 6 I2 + 5 I...  (1)

Step 2: Apply KVL to the loop abd
1 V + 5 I3 = 10 I...  (2)

Step 3: Apply Kirchhoff's current law to node a
I= I3 + I4 + 5 A.. (3)

Solving the three equations we obtain our final answers:
I= 2.893 A
I= - 1.471 A
I= -0.63 A
Negative sign with current Iindicates that actual current flow is opposite to our assumed direction of the current.

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