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Average Load Formula

It is defined as the average of all loads that occur on a power station for a given period of time.

Mathematically Average load formula can be linked by the following relation:

Average load (AL) = No of units generated/time Interval (in hours)

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Based on time interval AL can be categorized into three classes:

  • Daily Average load = Units generated in a day / 24 hours
  • Monthly average load = Units generated in a month / Number of hours in a month
  • Yearly average = Units generated in year / Number of hours in a year


Statement: Find the monthly average load of a nuclear power station which generates 5000 MW of power.

MAL = 5000 MW / 720 = (5000 * 1000 kWh) / 720 h = 6944 kW

The AL for the above problem is 6944 kW

  • Since industrial power is measured in kW, convert MW to kW
  • The time interval for both numerator and denominator should be same. In most cases, it counts in an hour (h)
So that was all on the topic. Summarizing above discussions we have three formulas:
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