Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering.

About us


We Believe in Electrical Engineering

We believe in a positive world where electricity is the spine of modern industry

We believe in the industry whose heart is a PLC

We believe a world where cleanest source of power is electrical

We believe the lamp fighting against dark night

We believe a positive world filled with opportunities

We believe in electrical!

- Our Mission -

To deliver the basic concepts of Electrical Engineering which have an actionable value and which serves as the vertebral column of your Engineering knowledge.

 A Design Engineer working on methods to improve the efficiency of wafers,

An Electrical manufacturing engineer in the industry assembling the products for a positive world

 A Power Engineer designing power systems for your world,

All of them start from the

Basics of Electrical Engineering

The strongest buildings are the ones which have strongest foundations!

Keeping this point in mind we have designed a database of basic Electrical laws, concepts, and definitions which help you to learn the Basics of Electrical Engineering. Hundreds of Examples are included enabling you to practice a lot and develop the concepts.

Who are we!

Admin team members are the founders of Electrical Engineering A-Z, who love to make this world An Electrical & positive World filled with opportunities.

We and the Playstore

We love the Playstore and we believe these trendy Android devices are your foremost friends for seeking knowledge. You can check our Android apps on the Play store.


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